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Asics has decided to bring its entire range into the new century, and the next ones to get a complete makeover are the Asics Cumulus 25. Asics continues on the path that it opened with the Nimbus 25 and gives the Cumulus the same changes as the top-of-the-line Cumulus: more foam and a switch to PureGEL.

The Cumulus continues to be a daily training shoe where comfort is a priority, and in this new version it is now softer and with a much more modern transition.

The "problem" remains, as with the Nimbus, regular users will view the new model with reluctance. They have had an aesthetic in their heads for 24 years and now they see a total revolution. But just as I insisted in the case of the Nimbus... have no fear, because now they are much better than before.

With respect to the Cumulus line, Asics has had to give it a twist. Historically it has been the workhorse of Asics, a shoe suitable for all types of use from light training to livelier days.

¿I have described the Novablast? Practically yes, because they are all that I just indicated and something more, that's why Asics needed to give a thought to the Cumulus concept and what it should be within its extensive range.

The Cumulus 25 is now more similar than ever to the Nimbus. They have less of a premium feel, less of a comfort focus and are a bit firmer. But in return they have lost quite a bit of weight.

PureGEL also arrives on the Cumulus 25

PureGEL is being the most representative change in this new range being introduced in 2023, but not the most important. Nevertheless, it is something you should keep in mind.

Until now the visible gel unit in the heel has been a hallmark of Asics for many years. That gel has disappeared and now the heel area no longer shows anything but foam.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 - Comparison VS Cumulus 24

But the gel is still present and part of the construction of the shoe, what happens is that now it has evolved and goes inside the shoe.


Now it has better sensations and is more pleasant to the touch. Something that can't be seen because as I say it is inside the midsole, but I have had the opportunity to "taste" it in an Asics presentation and without a doubt the improvement over the previous Gel is significant.

I don't have an exploded photo of the Cumulus 25, so this one of the Nimbus 25 will help you understand what the new gel looks like and where it is placed.

Asics Nimbus 25 - PureGEL

Things to consider about PureGEL? As you can see in the image, it only affects the heel area. So you're only going to take advantage of it if you heel while running, if you run forefoot or midfoot you're not going to make much use of the gel.

But it is equally true that the Cumulus 25 is a shoe intended primarily for easy paces, and when we go slow we tend to go in more on the heel than when we go faster. And that's something that happens with both novice and more advanced runners. In short, sooner or later you will end up using the heel area.

Although I have doubts about the permanence of the Asics Gel. I think it will end up disappearing in the medium term because the new foams fully cover the role of the Gel. They absorb impacts perfectly, they offer a good feel, they are light....

But commercially Asics cannot remove the Gel from its shoes from one version to another, it must first take some previous steps. And getting it to the inner area of the shoe is the first of those steps. Now that it's no longer visible, you'll start to forget it's even there...

Asics Cumulus 25 upper

The upper of the Cumulus 25 is more basic than that of the Nimbus 25, it doesn't have that premium feel that the higher end model offers.

But that doesn't mean it's bad, or that the quality isn't up to par. You just don't get the feeling of having something special in your hands when you take them out of the box or are putting them on. But those moments aside, once they're on the foot they're totally forgotten.

The upper is comfortable and functional. The mesh is a bit thick and without much ventilation. So far I haven't had any temperature problems as I did with the Nimbus 25, but this is because the Ortholite X-30 insole used in the Cumulus is different. In theory less premium, thinner, but does not produce as much heat.

The fabric used in the upper is the same as in previous versions, a jacquard mesh with a good feel but as I said before it does not stand out for its ventilation. Something you should take into account if you want the shoes to run in summer or in hot areas.

Although at the moment I have been running both in Madrid and Marbella on hot days and with the Ortholite X-30 I have had no problems, but it is something to keep in mind.

Compared to the previous Cumulus model, the cushioning in the collar has been reduced quite a bit. It is still well cushioned, but it is not as exaggerated as in the 24 and it is a positive change especially in terms of weight. The collar shape is identical, although this time a rear pull tab has been added.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 - PureGEL

The tongue is also quite similar to the previous model. The upper is a bit fluffier (and has a bit of a cheap feeling plastic puller), but the main part is identical and is also attached to the midsole.

The fit is good at all times and the foot support is very correct. There is no slippage at the ankle and, once the lacing is done, the foot does not move at all.

Sizing at Asics is always a little bit tricky. I can't make a direct comparison because the Cumulus 24 I have are a 46 and the Cumulus 25 are a 46.5 (US 11.5 and US 12), but the feeling I have is that they are a bit wider in the last. In any case my recommendation is to always go by US size or by centimeters, European sizes are a bit chaotic.

Little else to highlight in the upper, quite traditional for both the good and the bad.

The midsole does receive all the changes

If the upper does not present many new features compared to the previous model, the midsole is completely new.

Not only because of the inclusion of PureGEL that I mentioned at the beginning, but also because of the inclusion of FF Blast+, wider base, more foam, more flare in the heel area... but let's take it one step at a time.

I'll start with the most important change, the new FlyteFoam Blast+ foam. This foam is softer and more reactive than the FF Blast of the previous model, as well as being lighter. The latter allows the shoe to be lighter despite having included more foam both in height and width. It is also true that there is less rubber in the sole, which also helps.

The Cumulus 25s come in at 314 grams in my size 46.5, lighter than the Cumulus 25s. Cumulus 24 (which weigh 322 grams with half a size less). This is a very reasonable figure for a shoe of this category and segment, because without going any further the Nimbus 25 goes up to 341 grams.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 - Weight

But let's get back to the changes in the new model, I digress... By switching to FF Blast+ Asics can use more foam. And it uses it in height to give more comfort to the whole (2mm more in the Cumulus 25 than in the 24) but above all in width.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 - Width

Thanks to the wider base, the shoe can maintain stability despite being softer and taller. This stability is also helped by the greater flare in the heel area.

The flare is the lateral barriers, if it is elevated the foot goes inside of the midsole, if it is low it goes exclusively about the midsole.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 - Flare

The feeling with the Cumulus 25

In terms of sensations, which in the end is the important thing, they are very similar to those offered by the Nimbus 25. In fact, to notice the differences I had to run several days with one on each foot, because the cushioning they offer is quite similar.

But when wearing both simultaneously I have podido perceive that the Nimbus are a little softer, while Asics has given the Cumulus a little more density in the foam (in both cases it is FF Blast+). This, together with the lighter weight of the Cumulus, makes them a bit more dynamic and a bit more versatile.

And what they gain in versatility they lose in that cloud-like feel of the Nimbus. It's not that the Cumulus are uncomfortable or that the Nimbus are clunky, but that's the best way to describe to you the feel of these two shoes that, when it comes down to it, can give the impression of being very similar.

Although both shoes use FF Blast+, the Nimbus 25 uses the ECO version of the foam: "it is made from at least 20% of bio-based material from renewable sources, such as waste from sugar box processing."

The fact that they are a little firmer or more versatile does not change their concept in excess. I have used them mainly in light training or recovery workouts and, although they allow you to increase the pace exactly the same as any other, it is not where they feel more comfortable.

Less rubber in the outsole of the Cumulus 25

Much of the blame for the Cumulus 25's slimming cure lies with the shoe's outsole. The new model has significantly less rubber, both in surface area and thickness.

Asics combines the AHAR outsole in the forefoot area with the two-piece AHAR+ in the heel, but what stands out the most is the amount of visible foam in the midfoot area. That said, no wear issues, I can't appreciate in the shoe that it has suffered from lack of protection.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 - Outsole

It does change the flexibility slightly. The rubber pieces in the Cumulus 24 are transverse, so the areas of deformation are clearly defined and the shoe flexes like an accordion. That doesn't happen in the Cumulus 25 because the rubber piece is one piece and larger, so it will only flex in the areas where there are gaps in the rubber.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25 vs Cumulus 24 - Outsole

In terms of grip and traction, like any other shoe that does not use special compounds.

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Review Asics Cumulus 25

Is the renovation of the Asics Cumulus 25 the right choice? Without a doubt, because although the upper remains unchanged, the midsole is much more modern and pleasant to use.

Wider, with more foam in the midsole, more comfortable and still lighter than last year's model.

They are slightly more versatile than the Nimbus 25, although they are still geared towards lighter workouts. Because if you want versatility in Asics, that's the realm of the Novablast 3. But there will be many who will not dare with the Novablast, and it is for them that these Cumulus will be totally suitable.

In short, the Cumulus 25 is a lighter, more economical and a little more versatile Nimbus 25. In exchange they lose the finish quality of the top of the range model and the maximum feeling of cloud that the Nimbus can offer.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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