DRAWING DRAWING : APEX 2 Pro Chorus Kilian Jornet edition


Cambiar idioma

Wow how is the thing with the sweepstakes... On the one hand you have the one for the beginning of the Podcast (click here to participate if you have not already done so.), and now I bring you another sweepstakes just as easy, this time thanks to COROS and NNormal (Kilian's brand).

For starters, what can you win? Well, take a look at what's at stake...

🔥 🤑 The best prices every day

  • First PrizeCOROS APEX 2 Pro edition Kilian Jornet + NNormal T-shirt signed by Kilian + NNormal Kjerag shoes + NNormal T-shirt/competition pants pack
  • Finalist awards (there will be 2 more finalists): COROS APEX 2 Pro edition Kilian Jornet + NNormal Tomir shoes + NNormal T-shirt/competition pants pack

It won't take you more than 15 seconds to participate, because you just have to enter your data in the form and click on submit. Click on the button to participate in the sweepstakes.

Well, good luck to you in both the COROS + NNormal and the MCC jersey raffle!

Eduardo Mateos

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