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A few days ago I told you that I was still looking to complete my goals. Specifically in the training sessions of the week 15 to 21 DecemberOn Monday 22nd December, I decided to try it during a training session and not during a race (you are always more prepared physically and mentally and you can take advantage of some hare to reduce some seconds more).

I set a target pace of 4:50 min/km and, with the help of the Garmin Forerunner 620's Virtual Partner feature that I've been trying out these past few weeks, I managed to stop the clock with a final time of 48:28.

I know that these are very discreet times for those of you who have been training for many years, but for someone who does "training for the first time", it's a very good idea.two evenings"The fact that he was planning to go under 55 minutes over the same distance is a huge leap. A new motivation boost.

So it's time to set a new goal, both for middle and longer distances. The ultimate goal of running a marathon is still on the horizon, but before daring to do it I have to train a lot, I don't want to reach the finish line of my first "queen race" dragging myself and suffering, I have to enjoy it.

As we are about to start 2015, I will set two goals. Go down from 45 minutes to 10km and achieve a half marathon in 1:50. In March I have the 25th Malaga half marathon, so there are only three months to prepare (and knock down) another goal.

As for going under 45 minutes, Garmin (or better said First Beat) thinks that I can't do it, that my maximum time would be 45:03.

Garmin Forerunner 620 Career ForecastAs they say in these cases... "I can't do it? Look at me."

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