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Last updated: July 12, 8:00
News: And I'm done! How was your shopping day?


Amazon Prime Day Offers

These are the specific Amazon Prime Day offers. Below you will also find some of the offers from the previous week that are still in effect. Not everything is focused on what is available today and tomorrow, there have also been very interesting offers these last few days.

Remember, my intention is to focus on sports technology, so I don't want to tie you up with ALL If you want to check what's available in case you want to buy a monitor, renew your TV or upgrade your camera for the holidays, this is the page with all the discounts of Amazon Prime Day.

Everything is still in full swing, but these are some of the offers that Amazon has informed me will be available from today at 6pm (although I don't have the time confirmed yet).


GPS watches and training

Other GPS devices

  • Garmin eTrex 30x - 139,95 euro on offer for the day (but with limited units). About 100 euro discount for this handheld GPS with cartography and relief. Good offer that you hikers will know how to accept more than anyone else.

Activity monitors

Action cameras and drone

  • GoPro Hero 5 Session Kit - The small Hero 5 Session accompanied by an interesting pack of original accessories.
  • Dron DJI Phantom 4 - I think it will be one of the big prizes of this year's Prime Day. It's not one of the new smaller models, but with the Phantom 4 you are guaranteed video quality beyond all doubt. With a price of 869 euros, the discount is VERY important.


Not just Prime Day, offers on other vendors





We already have the date of the Amazon Prime Day for 2017. It will be on July 11th, but the offers will start from the 10th at 6pm. For a little more than 24 hours there will be a huge selection of great offers availablebut beware, you can only access them if you have a Prime subscription.

Thousands of bargains from all product categories you can find on Amazon and, of course, sports and sports technology. So if you are at the expense of renewing some of your equipment, be on the lookout because there will be very good opportunities. You can get an idea of what you can find next week by checking out last year's article.

Keys to Prime Day at Amazon Spain

  • 30 hours of uninterrupted flash offers. 2016 was a sales record for Amazon Spain, with over 400 orders per minute. And this year they want to make it even bigger. Imagine...
  • Increased number of offersMore than 100,000 products will be part of this great shopping day, in almost every category that is available on Amazon, sports, GPS watches and sports technology as well.
  • Exclusive flash offers for Prime customersAccess to offers is not for all customers, only for users who have a Prime (free shipping in 1 day, free photo storage in Amazon Cloud, etc.) If you are not a subscriber don't worry, you can register today at this link and you get 30 days totally free. And if you don't want to continue being a Prime member, you can cancel at any timebut you make sure you can participate in the day and a half of offers.

Amazon Prime Day, great offers in sports and sports technology 1

These are the keys, but for more information about Prime Day you can go to this special page that Amazon Spain has prepared for the promotion.

Be prepared, because this is where you will find all the offers that will be published. As during the Black Friday this article will be updated to the minute with the best bargains available from sports technology and GPS watches.

Bookmark this page, update it permanently and follow me on social networks (Facebook and Twitter). This is the best way for podrás to find out about all available offers; because remember, flash offers are limited in time and units, so first you have to "shoot" and then ask.

And don't forget, buying through the links I provide (both for these products and any other from Amazon) you'll be helping to the page with a small commission, at no cost to you.

The best offers and opportunities on your mobile

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Ready? Well, in a week we'll see each other again on this same page ready to find the best opportunities :-).

While that day arrives, I'll be preparing the last test of the Polar M430...

Expired offers

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  1. Eduardo, as always an impeccable job. Thank you!

    I've already booked my Fenix 3 HR, but I'll keep an eye out for anything else.

  2. Hey, do you know if they're going to lower the price of garmin fenix 3?
    Thank you very much for your work, very kind.

    1. This past week the Fenix 3 HR has been under 300 Euros at Amazon Germany, so I wouldn't rule out some offers between now and tomorrow.
      As soon as there's any news, I'll publish it.

    1. Hello the offer of the phoenix 5 you refer to the ebay or is there any active on amazon a greeting

      1. There was a refurbished one on eBay (which is no longer there), and what's left on offer is what's on eBay.

        The seller is reliable, you can be sure of that, but honestly, I'm an Amazon shopper, and if I had to choose I'd rather pay a little more but be more relaxed. I've added Amazon Italy's offer for the Fenix 5.

          1. Yes, but unfortunately it's only for Prime users, so only Italians

          2. Thank you for answering so quickly to see if anything else comes up during the day a greeting

        1. I'm also an Amazon shopper, so I don't know how eBay responds if the purchase has not gone well, etc.

  3. The ebay phoenix 5 has as Item number: 010-01688-10 which refers to the non-Sapphire. The Sapphire has as number: 010-01688-11. The description of the item does not correspond to its item number.

    1. Looking for both reference and EAN code, both give me the Fenix 5 sapphire. Anyway it would be a matter of confirming with the seller.

  4. Eduardo, which gps and pulse meter you mentioned that are on offer allows multisport activities, underwater heartbeats and following routes? (max 250-300 eur)
    Thank you

      1. Hello, I can't see any more offers, I'm a little bit hesitant and I've reread the two reviews, both the one of the garmin fenix 3 hr and the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR.
        It's clear that each one has its pros and cons, although on the screen I'm more concerned with the suunto. But what doesn't convince me is the platform that, as you said, still has some way to go.
        Greetings and thanks in advance

        1. The pulse on the wrist is just for comfort - it's not better or worse (because you can always use a chest sensor on either), it's just more comfortable for when you don't need that extra accuracy (cycling, series, etc.).

          It's clear that the Fenix 3 is superior to Suunto in terms of features, but in terms of screens and what it can offer, the truth is that the new Suunto has got me beat. Without looking at the price tag I think my scale would go slightly to the side of Suunto. But the truth is that the price of the Fenix 3 is very sweet, but the final decision is up to you :-).

  5. Hi Eduardo, I bought the Fenix on Prime Day and now I get an email from Wiggle offering me the Ambit 3 Run for 150 ? a bargain in full force. How does this page work? For features I prefer the Fenix but the price makes me doubt. Thanks for your work and a greeting.

    1. An Ambit3 Run for 150 Euros is not a bargain at all... I would say that it is a fairly normal price, as it has been cheaper. Even more so when you think that they have had the Ambit3 Sport HR for 170 Euros until two days ago.

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