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Today is the big day of Prime Day. This week, as I told you at the sales revenueBut today is the day when there will be more discounts, so I want to leave this ticket reserved so that I can constantly monitor the offers.

Both in this article and in social networks (Facebook and TwitterIf you want to squeeze your credit card as much as possible, stick around and update the page, because I'll be posting all the news as they happen during the day. To see everything that's on the sports offers, you can click here.

To access the offers you must be a Premium customer, if you are not already, you can register for free for one month (and unsubscribe whenever you want) through this linkAnd remember, by buying through the links I provide you will be helping the future of the site and its trials with a small commission. I will not lie to you, days like today are the ones that allow me to continue dedicating hours to the web.

I'm done with this, we're going to get all the offers.

Expired offers

  • Garmin Edge 520 without sensors – Y si ya tienes todos los sensores, en 192,50€ la versión «no pack». No puedo recomendar el Edge 520 lo suficiente, de hecho es mi elección número 1 en la sección de ciclocomputadores de la entrada de recommendations.
  • TomTom Runner with Bluetooth pulse sensor - For less than 100 Euro! Easy to use and with a very fast GPS. Together with the Polar M400 from the previous offer it is one of the best options for beginners. You have the cardio version herewhere the only thing that changes is the optical pulse sensor.
  • TomTom Runner 2 (with music) - 134.10. And if you like to run with music, you have the TomTom Runner 2. The features are virtually identical to those of the normal TomTom Runner, but with a newer look and the ability to listen to music via a Bluetooth headset. For more information, you can find here the proof.
  • Polar Balance – Y para los que entréis hoy en «territorio Polar» podéis haceros también con la báscula Polar Balance con un pequeño descuento. Esta báscula inalámbrica enviará los datos a la plataforma de forma automática y podrás consultar todo en Polar Flow. Si quieres más información de Polar Balance, you can find it at the presentation entrance.
  • Withings Activité Steel - It is the most discreet activity monitor. It measures daily activity as well as sleep, has a vibrating alarm to wake you up and with a CR2032 battery it does not need to be recharged every week. It can last up to 8 months. And as you might expect, there is also proof.
  • Garmin Forerunner 630 - If you already have a pulse sensor or prefer the watch-only version, it's just come in for a flash offer. But keep in mind that to get all the details of advanced racing dynamics you'll need the HRM-Run sensor (an ANT+ pulse sensor isn't enough). And even if you already have it, the truth is that for £25 difference it's worth buying the sensor.
  • Polar V800 with Polar H7 sensor - For £244.90 it's the cheapest triathlon watch, and it also allows you to record your heart rate underwater. No longer the watch of future promise that it once was, Polar has been updating the V800 and is now on a par with its competitors, such as the Ambit3. And for a few weeks now, it also includes navigation of routes you climb to Polar Flow. You can find the test of the Polar V800 here.
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer - 89.60. Another great option within the connected scales. The main advantage of the Withings scale is the wide range of platforms with which you can automatically synchronize information.
  • Garmin Forerunner 230 - 169.99. The best-selling 230 is also on offer. The watch that has managed to overtake the 620 with almost all the features of last year's top range, but at half its price. You can read the proof here.
  • Garmin Forerunner 235 - 234.10. And if the 230 is the bestseller, what about the 235 with the optical pulse sensor... Well, what you know. Many of you were waiting for an opportunity like this to get hold of it. So don't miss the chance!
  • Garmin Forerunner 630 with HRM-Run v2 sensor - For £277.09 including the HRM-Run sensor, undoubtedly one of the best offers from Amazon on this day. This is the maximum that Garmin offers within the range for runners, and with the HRM-Run pulse sensor you will have all the advanced race dynamics data. The offer is for the whole day, so you can read the Garmin 630 test quietly.
  • Garmin Edge 520 with pulse, speed and cadence sensors - Only $242 in its pack version, which includes all Garmin sensors, i.e. the Premium Strap Pulse Sensor and the Accelerometer Speed and Cadence Sensors. They are the easiest to install, as no magnets are required. Simply place one on the hub and the other on the crank, and pedal. The test? Click here.
  • Polar M400 with Polar H7 sensor - For only 112.99 euros, it is the best option in terms of quality and price. It is a real bestseller, since for such a reduced price it offers MUCH. Its price is normally around 150, so it is a significant discount. You can see the full test here.
  • Garmin Vivofit 2 - 56.63 Are you looking for a simple, cheap activity monitor with a good online platform where you can compete against your friends in your daily activity? Then the Vivofit 2 is a great option. And the offer is available in several colors.
  • Garmin Edge 810 - Although I prefer the Edge 520 option, I know that the Edge 810 has a lot of fans. More complete navigation, memory expansion, touch screen... You can get it for 223.85 euros until the end of the offer.

As new products are produced, I will post them. And if you want to see offers from other sections, you can do it from here.

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