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I recently published the review and comparative of three massage guns, one of the last elements added to post-workout and minor injuries recovery. And now the last trend is to achieve a very similar operation but with a smaller form factor. It is precisely what people at Addsfit have tried to do with the new Addsfit Mini, a massage gun that is smaller than a smartphone.

As I said in the first comparison of this type of products, a massage gun is not a simple vibrator but it is oriented to perform percussion therapy, with an operating principle very similar to the "foam roller". But of course, doing 5 minutes of roller is much more uncomfortable than applying the massage gun.

If it is your first approach to the world of massage guns I recommend you to take a look at that first review where I stopped a lot more on the how they work, what benefits does them offer and features that you should take into account, along with the explanation of what to consider with each of those benefits.

In this post I will focus solely and exclusively on doing the review on Addsfit's smallest proposal, the Addsfit Mini.

Addsfit Mini - Massage gun

Addsfit Mini massage gun

Percussion Depth - 6.5
Speed and regulation - 8.5
Power - 7.5
Heads or accessories - 6
Noise - 10
Construction quality - 10



Much smaller and lighter than traditional massage guns, but still it is perfectly able to offer an impact therapy with sufficient power. Although its suitability will depend mainly on the area to be treated.

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The good

  • Comfy and lightweight
  • Silent
  • Despite its small size, it has good battery life

The bad

  • Somewhat limited percussion depth
  • Aluminum fittings that are made somewhat hard

Addsfit Mini in-depth review

Just like its bigger sister, the Addsfit Mini includes a storage and carry bag. But in this case what catches attention is its small size, much smaller than that of the original Addsfit Max. This is already a clue that the contents of the interior will also be much smaller.

Addsfit Mini and Addsfit Max bag


Perhaps here transport does make more sense because what Addsfit wants is for this massage gun to go in your sports backpack in a much more usual way. Given the size and weight that's perfectly possible.

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Addsfit Mini and Addsfit Max

Inside we simply find the gun and two heads, plus a charging cable. 

Addsfit Mini - Bag

Charging is done via a USB Type-C connector, which is a relief. No specific charger is required anymore (as is the case with the Addsfit Max battery).

Addsfit Mini - Connector

Full charging takes place in just over two hours and the total battery life is about 6 and a half hours of use.

In the case of the Mini we do not need a heads adapter, as these are inserted straight into the gun. It is much more convenient to use because we don't have to assemble and disassemble every time we are going to use it.

However this just comes with two accessories, the triggered flat and the thumb.

Addsfit Mini - Accessories

My main objection to the Addsfit Mini is precisely these accessories, made entirely of aluminum instead of silicone from its bigger sister. These are colder and somewhat more uncomfortable as they are hard.

But let's dive into the technical features, which is where we will find the biggest difference with respect to models and larger size. Naturally, the main cutout we are going to find is in its engine, somewhat less powerful but especially with less percussion depth. The Addsfit Mini offers 6mm deep that, compared to the 12mm Addsfit Max, can feel short. Although this will depend more on the area to be treated.

We have three speeds that we can choose by pressing the bottom button, with green LEDs that tell us which is currently selected.

Addsfit Mini - LEDs

Speed ranges from 1,600rpm to 3,000rpm (with an intermediate mode of 2,500rpm). Not bad, because the larger model, although it offers up to 9 speeds, ranges from 1,700rpm to 3.300rpm.

Talking about percussion force the Addsfit Mini is not bad either. It does not reach the 35 pounds of the larger model, but its engine is capable of reaching 27 pounds, a figure that seemed enough to me.

As for the noise level is a very quiet gun in any of its three settings. 

When using it we will simply hear a little buzz, but it is not annoying at all. You can be giving yourself a massage quietly while watching TV without it bothering you to listen to TV... and without your partner getting mad at the noise coming from the device.

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Addsfit Mini

But where we are going to find the biggest difference is in handling. Obviously, having a smaller size and being much lighter, treating certain areas is much more comfortable; both because it's less bulky and because naturally it is not the same to hold something weighting 360 grams than almost a kilo.

Which one is a better deal? It depends mainly on what area to be treated. During these past few weeks in which I've been testing the Addsfit Mini I've been recovering from an overload in the achilles area (because you shouldn't run 400m intervals 15 seconds faster than what your coach told you).

In this area the Addsfit Mini has been phenomenal, because it allows you to treat smaller spots more easily and without so much impact. With a normal size gun I could have also done it, but it would be important to regulate the speed at one of the lowest settings and be careful with the pressure.

Obviously if we are going to treat large muscle groups things changes completely. If you want to relax the quadriceps you're going to want percussion power, speed and a generous accessory size. Perhaps in these situations the Addsfit Mini is much more limited.

But it is not something that can be criticized, because the Mini does not try to replace the Addsfit Max but offer a more economical and portable alternative or even complement it. It would be a very extreme case, but this allows you to have the largest model at home for more continuous treatments and take the Mini always with you to use right after finishing the workout. 

The only thing I would ask would be that the two accessories included in the Addsfit Mini were the same as those included in the larger model, as they were much more pleasant to use thanks to the silicone material.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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