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Following to the review I published a few days ago of the Addsfit Elite, now it's time to look at the Addsfit Mini Pro, the second of the new models that the manufacturer has launched to accompany its two massage guns that were already on the market: the original Addsfit Max and the Addsfit Mini.

I consider Addsfit a brand that is placed on the sweet spot within the massage gun market, within the different products of this type that I have tried so far. It doesn't have the premium product “aura” that Theragun have (it doesn't have its price either), but it's also not a cheap 20€ massage gun. I think they are at the right spot between what I consider a good investment but not exceeding with a high outlay.

And what's a massage gun, you may ask? Well, it's just a tool to apply percussion therapy, a massage technique to relax and rest or activate muscles. It's not simply a vibrator but has a very similar operating principle to the “foam roller”. But unlike this one, it's much more convenient to use.

If it is your first approach to the world of massage guns I recommend you to take a look at that first review where I stopped a lot more on the how they work, what benefits does them offer and features that you should take into account, along with the explanation of what to consider with each of those benefits.

But leaving presentations aside, let's go full with the Addsfit Mini Pro, the last of the models that needed an in-depth review.

Addsfit Mini Pro

Addsfit Mini Pro, review


Percussion Depth - 7
Speed and regulation - 10
Power - 8
Heads or accessories - 9
Noise - 10
Construction quality - 8



Not the top of the range of the brand. It is even the one that offers the least percussion depth. However, it is the one I like the most in the Addsfit catalogue because of the commitment it has in all aspects.

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The good

  • Extendable handle
  • With pressure sensor
  • Good battery life
  • High quality heads

The bad

  • Percussion depth slightly shorter than other models of the brand

As with the Addsfit Elite, the Addsfit Mini Pro carrying bag solves my main complaint regarding the Addsfit Max. The pouch supports the gun with the adapter mounted on the gun itself, so starting using it is faster as the heads are mounted very quickly on the adapter.

Addsfit Mini Pro - Bag


Same thing happens with the heads. They are now on display to choose the one we want to use, rather than putting them all inside a bag and having to look for the one we want to use each time.

Addsfit Mini Pro - Heads

We have the same heads available as in the Addsfit Elite. Four of them made of silicone, with a very pleasant touch, and a fifth that is a rigid foam ball. If you use the ball, you will have to remove the adapter from the gun, because it is a single piece while the silicone heads are placed on the adapter that is housed inside the Addsfit.

Addsfit Mini Pro - Heads

Are we talking about the specifications of the Addsfit Mini Pro? The first thing to note is that it also has a pressure sensor, the new feature that Addsfit has presented in its new massage guns. This sensor simplifies the massage procedure and speed choice a lot, but I'll tell you about that later in its specific section because, as this is the most prominent function, it's worth talking about it carefully.

In addition to the pressure sensor we have 5 speeds ranging from 1,100rpm to 3,000 rpm. In between you have 1,600-2,000-2,600.

Unlike the rest of the models in the range, the percussion depth of the Addsfit Mini Pro is slightly lower. Instead of the usual 12mm wide range, the Mini Pro stays at 10mm. Although if I'm honest with you, it's not something I noticed when comparing it to the rest of the models.

The battery is 2,600mAh and allows up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Addsfit Mini Pro - Specifications

We don't need any specific charger, unlike the Addsfit Max, as it charges via USB-C. It's a huge plus because first, we don't have to take the charger everywhere, and secondly because you're probably already using that charger for any other device at home.

Addsfit Mini Pro - USB-C

Another feature of the Addsfit Mini Pro is that the handle is extensible, something you can't see at first glance. Although the gun is made entirely of aluminum, we can extend it to reach further areas. For example, for a massage in the lower back.

The solution is ingenious, because to extend the handle we simply have to turn the bottom. And when you want to shorten again, turn in the opposite direction. It's that simple.

Addsfit Mini Pro pressure sensor

This is the most interesting feature present in this new model. Until now the speed regulation was manual, having to make the selection depending on what we were interested in massaging. But if we're massaging an area and want to locate at a specific point by increasing speed, we would have to change the speed manually. 

This is what comes to solve the pressure sensor, detecting when we are pressing more intensely (for example, to treat the area of a knot) and automatically increasing the speed. 

Imagine that you are massaging the femoral rectum and want to affect somewhere on the vast side. By simply increasing the pressure exerted from the gun on the leg, the speed will increase automatically, thereby intensifying the punctual massage.

As soon as you release the pressure from the area, the massage gun will return to the normal speed you had previously selected.

Addsfit Mini Pro opinion

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Addsfit Mini Pro

Although this is not the top end model within Addsfit products, the Mini Pro is the massage gun I like the most. Even though it's the one with the least percussion depth (10mm by 12mm offered by the rest of the range). 

The reason is none other than the number of ingenious proposals it offers. It is a small and lightweight massage gun, the extensible handle gives you that extra comfort that its size could affect, the pressure sensor is a fantastic solution and as in all other products from the brand, the build quality is high.

The addition of the pressure sensor is a very favourable aspect because it simplifies the management of the massage we are applying by not having to manually change the speeds. It is really comfortable to start at a low speed and, when we want to impact on a particular area, press with the gun to increase the speed of massage (and logically the pressure exerted by ourselves).

In terms of perceived noise it is slightly lower than in the case of the Addsfit Elite, but it has the same strength with 28.6lbs and less speed in terms of massage.

As I said, within the Addsfit product range if I have to stay with one it would definitely be this Addsfit Mini Pro, because its only negative point is that the percussion depth is slightly lower than the others, but the truth is that it is not something I have perceived during the massage.

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  1. Hello, I am very interested in this massage gun.
    I have seen that there is an offer that discounts you 20€ until the end of October. It would come out to about 90-odd euros.
    How do you see it as a price? Is it better to wait for the blackout friday?
    Do you know if a new, more updated model will be released soon?
    Thank you very much.

    1. The price I think is pretty good, especially considering the current offer. About Black Friday promotions I don't know if there will be a bigger discount or it will be a similar offer.
      The Addsfit Mini Pro is a model that has just been released on the market, there will be no replacement for the time being.

      1. Thank you very much Eduardo, I will buy it before the end of the month, to benefit from the 20€ discount. When I do, I will do it with your link! Thank you very much!

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