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Addsfit keeps expanding its product range and adds two new products to its catalog. The Addsfit Elite and Addsfit Mini Pro are here to complement the two other models that were already on the market: the original Addsfit Max and the Addsfit Mini

I consider Addsfit a brand that is placed on the sweet spot within the massage gun market, within the different products of this type that I have tried so far. It doesn't have the premium product “aura” that Theragun have (it doesn't have its price either), but it's also not a cheap 20€ massage gun. I think they are at the right spot between what I consider a good investment but not exceeding with a high outlay.

And what's a massage gun, you may ask? Well, it's just a tool to apply percussion therapy, a massage technique to relax and rest or activate muscles. It's not simply a vibrator but has a very similar operating principle to the “foam roller”. But unlike this one, it's much more convenient to use.

If it is your first approach to the world of massage guns I recommend you to take a look at that first review where I stopped a lot more on the how they work, what benefits does them offer and features that you should take into account, along with the explanation of what to consider with each of those benefits.

In this review, I'll tell you about the Addsfit Elite, leaving another “parallel” analysis for the Addsfit Mini Pro which, although they are very similar in principle, offer some difference in its operation.

Addsfit Elite

Addsfit Elite, test and review

Addsfit Elite massage gun

Percussion depth - 8
Speed and regulation - 10
Power - 8
Heads or accessories - 9
Noise - 10
Construction quality - 10



With a little less power than the original model (Addsfit Max), but with many other advantages. And also a new feature, speed regulation thanks to its pressure sensor.

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The good

  • Pressure detection to adjust the massage speed
  • Great battery life
  • No specific charger, it has USB-C connector

The bad

  • Built-in battery, if it fails we can't replace it

The Addsfit Elite presentation is identical to the other models in the range. A very sober looking recycled cardboard box with a semi-rigid carrying bag inside. The finish of this transport box is quite good, at least better than the cardboard box itself.

Addsfit Elite - Carrying bag


The presentation inside has improved greatly compared to the original Addsfit Max. Instead of having all the heads inside a bag, each one now has their respective place inside the carrying bag.

Addsfit Elite - Inner carrying bag

And one of my main criticisms present in the Addsfit Max is also resolved, and it was that I forced you to remove and put the adapter on the heads every time we kept the gun or wanted to use it. In this bag there is already room to leave the gun with the adapter mounted (although it can be removed just like the Addsfit Max).

Addsfit Elite - Inner carrying bag

The heads are the same, although in this case we replace the wedge type with a firmer ball. 

Addsfit Elite - Heads

Back to the massage gun, the most interesting new feature it presents is pressure detection, but I'll talk about that a little later in detail, so let's get first about the rest of the technical features.

The battery is built into the gun itself, just like the Addsfit Mini. It is 2,500mAh and offers up to 15 hours of continuous use.

Addsfit Elite - Battery

Contrary to what happens with the Addsfit Max we don't need a specific charger, but it uses any USB Type-C charger, which I think is an important advantage as you can charge it with the same charger as your mobile phone.

Addsfit Elite - USB-C

The materials used are of very good quality. It is made entirely of aluminum with silicone inserts, no plastic. The total weight of the gun is 640 grams. 

Addsfit Elite - Materials

Finally we have the most important thing, the performance of the massage gun in terms of percussion depth and massage speed.

The amplitude is the distance of travel of the head. The longer the route, the better performance. Speed is the number of repetitions per minute, and more than reaching very high speeds we are interested in having a variety of regulation. It is not the same to treat a large muscle like a quadriceps as more specific areas such as the Achilles tendon.

The Addsfit Elite offers a massage depth of 12mm. In terms of regulation it offers four different regulations: 1600, 2100, 2600 and 3100 rpm.

Addsfit Elite - Speed Display

And besides this, the pressure sensor I'll tell you about next. 

Addsfit Elite pressure sensor

This is the most interesting feature present in this new model. Until now the speed regulation was manual, having to make the selection depending on what we were interested in massaging. But if we're massaging an area and want to locate at a specific point by increasing speed, we would have to change the speed manually. 

This is what comes to solve the pressure sensor, detecting when we are pressing more intensely (for example, to treat the area of a knot) and automatically increasing the speed. 

Imagine that you are massaging the femoral rectum and want to affect somewhere on the vast side. By simply increasing the pressure exerted from the gun on the leg, the speed will increase automatically, thereby intensifying the punctual massage.

As soon as you release the pressure from the area, the massage gun will return to the normal speed you had previously selected.

Addsfit Elite opinion

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Addsfit Elite

As indicated at the beginning of the post, the product presented by Addsfit is at the perfect balance between a quality product and an adequate price. 

The quality is good, both of the massage gun itself and the silicone accessories. The latter is already a substantial difference from lower-priced massage guns in which all their accessories are quite hard.

In addition there is the overall quality, being a very solid and well finished product. 

But not everything is the external quality, we must also count on the quality of the engine. It's powerful and moderately quiet. Obviously at maximum speed the noise is noticeable, but the truth is that at the lowest speed it is barely noticeable. 

The addition of the pressure sensor is a very favourable aspect because it simplifies the management of the massage we are applying by not having to manually change the speeds. It is really comfortable to start at a low speed and, when we want to impact on a particular area, press with the gun to increase the speed of massage (and logically the pressure exerted by ourselves).

Compared to the original Addsfit Max, the Elite loses some power (28.6 pounds from the Elite by 35 pounds on the Max) and speed ranges (9 vs 4), but wins in absolutely all other sections. It is more comfortable and manageable, aluminum construction, doubles the battery life and we do not need a specific charger. 

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  1. Do you prefer this one or the Mini Pro. I bought this one from your link and just to know which would be your choice between the two.

    1. First of all, thank you David for buying through the link!

      The Mini Pro has 2mm less width, but personally I like it a bit more. Because of the extendable handle and for being a little bit quieter.

  2. Hi, I'm interested in buying one of the machine Addsfit but Im not decided.
    Which would you prefer between Addsfit Max and Elite?
    Is there a big difference between Max's biggest stopping force?

    1. I would go with the Elite. I find it much more comfortable to use due to its size and weight, and I don't seem to find much difference in power between the two. The Addsfit ELite is my favorite model of all of them.

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