About me


Before you continue to stumble around this blog, what do you say we meet? Or, at least, you know me. I'm just an athlete, just like you. I run, ride and swim (provided there is a lifeguard) and not always in that order.

This site is not my official job. At least, not what sustains me, although it gives a lot of work. I've been in the mobile phone sector for many years. I started the last century (yes, when phones were only used to call) and I have come to this day, creating different companies along the way. I've always been linked to technology in one way or another since I was very young.

How I started to run

I've never been a big running fan, unless I was chasing a ball. My sporting tastes have always been directed towards team sports, and with a ball in between. The only caveat is the years of passion for mountain biking. I guess this is what has brought me closer to endurance sport itself.

The first time I started running was with the goal of losing weight. Without any pattern, without regularity and without setting a rhythm. I'd just jog and when I got tired I'd stop and walk. I don't even know how far I went. I was just interested in going out and doing some sport. Once the goal of weight loss was reached, I quit.

Running again for the second time

Evidently, the lost weight returned. So rinse and repeat with the same goal in mind. This time I did it in a somewhat more orderly way, looking for a rhythm, looking for a distance, and as a result, I saw the improvement. Comparisons with previous outputs allowed me to see the results from my training. Same distance, shorter time. I was able to run more distance and at higher speed.

You can say that I began to become a fan of athletics, but my goals did not go beyond the dirty jog and being able to run 10K in an hour, which at that time seemed something fabulous to me.

Troubles always comes in threes

Yep, as you're thinking, I stumbled back on the same stone. Stop running and gain weight again. After a meniscus operation, I decided to run again. I dusted my old Garmin Forerunner 410 and went for a 3K, as part of the post-operation recovery. Rhythm of 7:32 min/km and 168 beats on average. Just like that.

The goal was again the same, training to reduce that incipient tummy. But this time something changed, interest was less and less focused on weight loss, and more on breaking down barriers. At some point the goal ceased to be to lose weight, and that was the turning point. Now losing weight was a mere consequence of my new life as an athlete.

And the name?

When I started the blog I had to choose name. As always happens in these cases, we spend very little time deciding something that will live with us for a long time. At that time, thinking about running a marathon was something intangible. A vital goal. Something to do, at least, once in a lifetime. But far in time, almost a chimera. A marathon, for a popular weekend runner, intimidates. Well, a short time later (and leaving 40kg on the way) I managed to cross the finish line of the Valencia marathon in under 4 hours.


About this blog

In this blog I will not only tell you my evolution, or the day to day, or how the races in which I am participating are developed. In addition, and since in my profession I am always surrounded by electronic pots of various kinds, I will carry out exhaustive reviews of all those little things that help athletes in any of the facets. Because the days of running in an old T-shirt and gnawed sneakers are a thing of the past. Technology has come to stay.


Welcome to the blog, and thanks for reading!


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